Costs of Neurofeedback

I only offer neurofeedback services through out-of-pocket payment.  Sessions are $150.  At times there are sliding scale slots available.  I combine neurofeedback with psychotherapy.  Ideal treatment frequency is often twice a week for many protocols, although clients have often had to vary from that frequency and still found positive results.  Length of treatment can vary.  A meaningful length of time in neurofeedback is twenty sessions.  Some people benefit from one block of twenty sessions, some benefit from two or even several blocks of twenty sessions.  I recommend a conversation at any point, but particularly after 10 to 20 sessions, to make sure this treatment is helpful and proceeding as desired.  There is also a potential to stabilize enough through a block of neurofeedback so that other forms of psychotherapy may then proceed more smoothly than they have in the past, if lengthy treatment with neurofeedback is inaccessible.   We may also be able to design periods of neurofeedback alternating with periods of psychotherapy alone.

Contact me at 978-771-4154 or, so we can have a conversation to see if these services are a good match for you.

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