An Invitation to A Fresh Approach:

I use a warm and collaborative approach, and in over eighteen years of clinical experience, I have helped hundreds of adults get relief from a variety of concerns. I am especially helpful in areas of life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, attachment difficulties, and behavioral addictions.   I will actively engage with you to understand the challenge, and craft an approach just for you. I draw from expertise in several breakthrough treatments that help resolve even longstanding difficulties.   My experience has shown that healing and change truly are possible!

I have extensive training and experience in both EMDR and AEDP, approaches which benefit from newer understandings of what best promotes emotional healing. I integrate these approaches in to more traditional talk therapy where they will be helpful.  For behavioral addictions, I offer the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol. I am registered to provide attachment-based Circle of Security Parenting, to build strong relationships.

Psychotherapy helps people take a fresh approach to what is difficult in their lives. While having a safe space to speak about difficulties can lead to significant relief, opportunities in therapy can go far beyond “talking about it” and also beyond “insight”. When you are ready to begin creating the life you’d like to live, I can help you get to a place that feels lighter and strong. I focus on strengths, and use a warm interactive approach, not just because this feels better, but because it can work better!

I am also pleased to add neurofeedback to the list of treatment options.  Neurofeedback can be integrated into a treatment plan with therapy to greatly enhance its effectiveness, especially when the brain has had the “fire alarm stuck in the on position” from previous experiences.

Contact me at 978-771-4154 or cs@freshapproachtherapy.com, so we can have a conversation to see if these services are a good match for you.

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