About Carolinda

“Nothing that Feels Bad is Ever the Last Step”
– Diana Fosha, founder of AEDP, citing Eugene Gendlin

I use a warm, collaborative approach to therapy, based on strengths, and an attuned awareness of our innate abilities to heal.

My approach to psychotherapy is based on AEDP, EMDR, and other ongoing advances in the field. These approaches seek to harness “neuroplasticity”, or the newly recognized potential of the brain to physically heal, by creating new connections, even well into adulthood. Instead of focusing on pathology, AEDP founder Diana Fosha PhD studies “transformance”, and how to encourage this process from the start. Healing may be called for after challenging life transitions, or a history of trauma, loss, neglect, or past attachment difficulties. Therapy can also increase ease in understanding our own emotional signals. We need these signals, but there can be some static (e.g. anxiety) to sort through, so that we can come to enjoy flexibly strong inner guidance. A Fresh Approach to psychotherapy will harness the positive, and also “make room” for safely grieving, getting to a place that feels lighter and strong. We focus on strengths, and use a warm relational approach, not just because this feels better, but because it can work better!

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Master of Social Work from Boston University. Ongoing Clinical Education and Consultation is of primary importance, as the field of psychotherapy is making exciting and continual improvements in its understanding of what promotes healing and how best to deliver it. I was pleased to serve on the board of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation (NESTTD) through June of 2022, most recently as Past President. Other affiliations include The AEDP Institute and NASW. LICSW #113001 License for Independent Clinical Social Work in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Past and present work experience includes over twenty two years in outpatient mental health settings, including clinics and private practice, located in various cities in Massachusetts. Past roles have included Clinical Director of CAFS Family Counseling Center, and Coordinator of NCHS DBT Program, as well as work as an Individual Therapist, Group Therapist, Supervisor, lecturer, and consultant.

Contact me at carolinda62@gmail.com, so we can have a conversation to see if these services are a good match for you.

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