Individual Psychotherapy for Adult Individuals

I provide therapy for adults with a wide variety of concerns.   Most often, people do not request a particular type of therapy, and  I will consult with you to make a treatment plan just for you, based on your situation and goals.  Some people may be particularly searching for a therapist with training and expertise in one or more of the following methods:

AEDP – Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

this method comes from an in-depth understanding of stages of healing, well-grounded in clinical experience. It invites intentionally and purposefully doing more of what works in therapy, as we already have innate capacities to heal.

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

A strongly evidence-based protocol, useful and efficient when current symptoms may be influenced by a recent or long-ago loss or trauma, this method activates resources from both hemispheres of the brain, for “adaptive information processing”.

FSAP – Feeling-State Addiction Protocol

A specialized version of EMDR, used to help gain control over compulsive or addictive behaviors, such as food-related behaviors, compulsive gambling or shopping.   This method generally does not require abstinence from the behavior to be the goal, but helps the individual regain a freedom of choice.

Clinical Hypnosis:

seeks to invite a relaxed state, which can be healthful in itself, but also can be the starting point for accessing a wealth of “right brain” resources, including imagery and metaphor, which may be useful in healing.

Consultation Services

Carolinda Sterczala, LICSW is available to consult for mental health professionals, in individual and group formats. Past consultations have focused on trauma, dissociation, affect tolerance, AEDP, DBT, and complex presentations.

Contact me, so we can have a conversation to see if these services are a good match for you.

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